beneath you..

loving all the summer creations that are hitting the grid!.. featuring items from Summerfest & Illuminate... ♥

Decor available at Summerfest..
brocante. summer cabana

tarte. floating dock (w lights)

crate Carrito de Fruta

PILOT - Beach Bag [Blue Stripe]

22769 - Beach Lounge 
22769 - Beach Lounge Chair  - PG
22769 - Beach Lounge Sofa - PG
22769 - Beach Lounge Table
22769 - Beach Lounge Rug
22769 - Tray with Water

Decor Available at lluminate.
Serenity Style- VOLLEYBALL SET 
Serenity Style- Volley Set-Net
Serenity Style- Vollety Set- Grandstand
Serenity Style- Volley Set- Ball- WEAR POSE 3