the old chapel..

6 Republic opens at midday!!! here are some more amazing items to be found there.. ♥

N4RS Old Plantation Chapel
N4RS Chapel Bell

not so bad .  TEXAS . western
not so bad .  TEXAS . horse saddle .
not so bad .  TEXAS . dekolampe . red .
not so bad .  TEXAS . haystack .
not so bad .  TEXAS . windmill . 

~BAZAR~ Grass field small

--ANHELO- [AD]farmers-garage-set
--ANHELO-M50SG-185GA :: farmer's garage
--ANHELO-P01YG-185GA :: shed side tree (yellow green)
--ANHELO-P01YG2-185GA :: shed side tree (yellow green 2)
--ANHELO-P02YG-185GA :: bush B (yellow green)

C L A Vv. American Pie RARE

Other decor items:

[Bad Unicorn] 'Rusty' Backwoods Lounger (PG) - Available at Fameshed

Jian Precious Ponies  - Available at Epiphany
JIAN Precious Ponies 16. Brown Wanderer