if you love decor.. then May is the month for you.. so much going on, today new releases from Builder's Box and 6 Republic which opens on the 6th!... ♥

Dynamic Evolution Attic Living Space -  Skybox - Builder's Box Exclusive

-David Heather-Balla Livingroom Set - Available 6th May at 6 Republic
-David Heather-Balla Stereo
-David Heather-Balla Lamp
-David Heather-Balla Sidetable
-David Heather-Balla Cart
-David Heather-Balla Tablet
-David Heather-Balla Coffee Table
-David Heather-Balla Sofa
-David Heather-Balla Coffee
-David Heather-Balla Laptop
-David Heather-Balla Rug
-David Heather-Balla Wine Rack
-David Heather-Balla Plant
-David Heather-Balla Bags
-David Heather-Balla Mirror
-David Heather-Balla Coat Rack
-David Heather-Balla Wall Art
-David Heather-Balla Phone
-David Heather-Balla Shelf
-David Heather-Balla Accent Table
-David Heather-Balla Backpack

Jian Ragdoll Cat Snoozing Chair - Available at Fameshed

dust bunny. . hanging plants . ivy planter - Available at Fameshed
dust bunny . hanging plants . cheese plant - Available at Fameshed

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