bush dining..

with all these amazing outdoor decor newly released I really wanted to create a space, colours, tones that reminded me of the outback, rural Victoria, for 10 years we were in drought, so the greens you would expect in the bush were muted, tinged with greys, faded yellows.. i am hoping this pic has done it justice... ♥

[Merak] - Beach Picnic FULL SET - April PocketGacha
[Merak] - Beach Picnic Towel
[Merak] - Beach Lights
[Merak] - Cheese Board
[Merak] - Picnic basket

:Cheeky Pea ::CP: Faith Set - Available at Epiphany
:CP: Faith Tent RARE
:CP: Faith Squat Lantern
:CP: Faith Bed (PG)
:CP: Faith Hanging Flower Natural
:CP: Faith Hanging Flower Petal
:CP: Faith Hanging Flower Cream
:CP: Faith Urn Bowl

Jian Precious Ponies  - Available at Epiphany
JIAN Precious Ponies *EPP* Sleeping Pony
JIAN Precious Ponies 18. White Wanderer
JIAN Precious Ponies 14. Bi-color Wanderer

DaD "Dejeuner sur l'herbe Fatpack" "PG" c/m V.1.0 - Available at Bloom

.:revival:. camp stool

[Ds]  Garden Cart - PG Single Sitter  v1.0