garden party..

this pic makes me smile.. hope it does to you also. ♥

Available at Illuminate on 18th March
Granola. Zella's Dining Set
Granola. Zella's Dining Table.
Granola. Zella's Old Chair. PG
Granola. Zella's Tulip Centerpiece. Yellow.
Granola. Zella's Tulip Jug. Yellow.


Jian Teeny Tortoises 8. Red Orange - Available at The Arcade
JIAN Teeny Tortoises 1. Pancakes RARE
JIAN Teeny Tortoises 6. Green Blueberries
JIAN Teeny Tortoises 6. Red Blueberries
JIAN Teeny Tortoises 5. Red Strawberry

dust bunny . potted dragon tree - Available at Collabor88 
dust bunny . potted sago palm
dust bunny . giant palm plant
dust bunny . elephant ear plant

hive // potted plants . gold dust dracaenas . pot c - Available at Collabor88
hive // potted plants . swiss cheese plant . pot c
hive // potted plants . cordyline tree . pot c

Garden Shelf (BLOGGER) * CHEZ MOI - Available 20th March  Shiny Shabby
Garden Shelf CHEZ MOI
Lemon Tree CHEZ MOI

Apple Fall  Lemon Whip Drizzle Cake
Apple Fall Pumpkin Place Setting
Apple Fall Macarons in Box
Apple Fall Natural Apples
Apple Fall Fig & Blackberry Cake

{vespertine} apple pie & plums
 dust bunny . guiana chestnut tree