my escape..

today i just wanted to do a pic i could get lost in for a few hours.. i have been feeling very quiet today.. which isn't a bad thing.. just wanted some time from my own thoughts, an escape.. so i found this pic..   and drew inspiration from it..  i know it is not really close, but you can probably see my inspiration.. ♥

L2 Studio BILLBOARD SHACK (mesh) 39 li
Studio Skye Temperate Shrubs Set
{what next} Springtime Tulip Planters
{yumyum }Vine Green Pack
[ keke ] tea tin FATPACK
Apple Fall Shield Terracotta Pot
Apple Fall Preserved Poppies
Nutmeg&RK Poses. ReKa Bathtub (Rusty)
22769  - Three Plants in Pots - COMMON
23.DRD MM2 Tito's pile of junk c/m
[we're CLOSED] grass field green 01 - random
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 -greens- b
HPMD* WildGrasses -green- b
3D Trees  Beech forest - autumn - C/M


  1. Happy New Year hope you find nothing but nice places like this from now on.


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