I am so excited that 6º Republic opens its' doors on the 6th November, the theme Tokyo vs Canada, and today, my first post with this amazing team, i am taking you to Tokyo themed pic with the help of three amazing creators.. check out all information below.. ♥  Landmark will be released as soon as event opens!! ♥

[anhelo] 6 Republic Gacha
--ANHELO-G03-01-17AGA :: yatai
--ANHELO-G03-12-17AGA :: stools
--ANHELO-G03-13-17AGA :: bench A
--ANHELO-G03-13-17AGA :: bench B
--ANHELO-G03-11-17AGA :: menu board
--ANHELO-G03-10-17AGA :: boiled egg
--ANHELO-G03-09-17AGA :: disposable chops A
--ANHELO-G03-09-17AGA :: disposable chops B
--ANHELO-G03-09-17AGA :: disposable chops C
--ANHELO-G03-06-17AGA :: tanuki soba
--ANHELO-G03-02-17AGA :: ebiten soba
--ANHELO-G03-04-17AGA :: tsukimi tanuki soba
--ANHELO-G03-05-17AGA :: kitsune soba
--ANHELO-G03-07-17AGA :: inari
--ANHELO-G03-08-17AGA :: egg shell

[ keke ] tokyo sign . orange
[ keke ] bar neon sign

BJK * Tokyo Gacha - Restaurant Wall Signal

additional items:
The Domineaux Effect Garden Wall (retextured)
Serenity Style  Skippy Scooter  Black Available at Shiny Shabby