challenge in miniatures..

Sooo.... Jay & Kianna of 6º Republic challenged their bloggers to do a post with at least one item per blogger pack, with much editing, resizing, pulling hair out.. i think i did it.. and i am quite happy with the result.. all credits below.. ♥

Decor: all available at 6º Republic
KraftWork Le Plateau Loft
MudHoney Briley Sisal Rug
Toro. Broken Coffee Table
C L A Vv. Hotpot Party - Sake Set
CMYK// 6. Here come the regrets
MINIMAL - Tokyo Store #NO-Signs Version
MudHoney Briley Sofa Adult - Gold
kosmii :: Japanese Apothecary Cabinet
elev8~Floating Lantern
Maven Marin Bowls and Vase
[Kres] Red Fife Ranch - WindMill - 9
+ILO+ Chapel Chair
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Standing Grey
BALACLAVA!! Canada Eh? Marquee(large)
NOMAD // Speed Bag
[ keke ] this is it neon sign . red
{iD} DetectivE OfficE (TOKYO) [ A*Resize ]
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Wood Bench
7 - Transistor Radio TR-2A
[Schultz Bros.] Canoe Storage
kosmii :: Ginza Street Sign
~isil~ *Muskoka* Log Cabin (Autumn)
Ariskea[Canada] Rustic Cabin
GOOSE - Caledon Barn
BJK - Tokyo Gacha - Phone booth
Kei's Tokyo Townhouse
*bbqq*-In Autumn
[Merak] - TeaHouse
{BE} :Buildings of the Meiji Period
CONVAIR Koban Tokyo
booN-kura simple house MARI for "assembly A & B"
//Naberius// Midnight Alley
Knucklehead Digger v10000-LOW-LI
BIGBULLY Hayashi Loft
Soy. Apartment [Jyoukyo-House] option - blanket
SAYO - Prefecture Passport Sign - Osaka
uK - Tokyo Grill Resturant Sign
[ zerkalo ] High Pressure - Industrial Fan (RARE)
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Lockers COMMON
taikou / baseball bat rack
CONSTRUCT - Cuddle Blanket folded Display only - 4 li

outside window:
snow scene from hive // snowed in skybox . scenic
RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Tokyo Subway RARE (don't wear)