tick tock..

i don't ever want to wish my life away... but oh it's soo fun to count down to special moments.. and right now i hear the clock ticking.. and i just love that anticipation...

now.. in SL the clock is ticking down for the upcoming round of Arcade .. June 1 it opens.. and as always a great round of creators.. and Scarlet Creative  has brought her best as she always does..

this house will be my new house.. well at least for a little while.. it is called Nerites Folly and as always the textures are gorgeous.. and i have to admit i love Scarlet Creative  windows.. none compare.. always full of character, and give great shadows when taking pics.. i am also showing the following:

Nerites Sofa
Nerites Telephone
Nerites Wire Chair
Nerites  Small Cabinet
Nerites  Plant
Nerites  White Lamp

save your L! this Arcade round will not disappoint..

♥ raven x