Thursday, 19 May 2016

after dark princess..

so this weeks after dark fitmesh post features this amazing outfit by Kaithleen's, her Sheer Silks gacha available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival... this item is for Maitreya only..

I am wearing the silks sheer top & bottom, chain panties and top, as well as the leg chain.. i love this combination.. and each piece is in the gacha.. can easily wear each item individually...

because i felt all princessy today (a rare moment).. i am wearing the [ bubble ] Titania Monotone Crown available at the current round of Whimsical..

Beautiful carriage i am sitting on at serein is the Stockholm&Lima: Cinderella's Carriage available in the main store...

all fit for a princess...

♥ raven xx

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