shades of lust...

the 50 shades of lust fair is about to start.. and i was asked by AviCandy to do some pics for her stall at the event!! there is eight in all.. but this was my favourite!! i will put another favourite at the end of the post..

i am not going to do all my credits today.. this blog is just about a few exciting things happening in my sl... all on the blogging front.. and taking pics of course..

Daria (owner of Mesh Body Addicts) and i have been joking for months that i should work for her, well finally during a conversation, with me exhausted and her ill, i am now working for MBA, as her assistant manager.. sooo exciting.. this will include soo many things.. i am thrilled at this chance to spread my wings in this way.. marketing.. group.. blogging.. etc etc..

and then..... another lovely blonde bombshell, Ashton, owner/designer of AviCandy, has asked me to be her Marketing Ninja!!!! 

soo.. her i am.. working for both the gorgeous blondes that have the Meds Sim, which homes both MBA and AviCandy.. i am excited and honoured to be part of both these amazing ventures of Daria and Ash!! ♥ ♥