here i am...

after a very lazy long weekend.. i wanted to do a pic for me.. not worry too much about preserving colours.. wear a favourite designer, JustBecause, actually made it into Uber when the gates opened, to get this latest release, Winnie Shirt.. love it! even bought a design that i wouldn't normally buy but knew i would love taking pics in it.. teamed it with another fave.. Blueberry, the shorts .. yes i have too many favourites in the fitmesh fashion world in SL! lol..  oh can't forget.. this cute hair is by Mina..

took myself to the Salt & Pepper sim.. and found a quiet place to take my pic..

lost myself in adobe elements for a while.. and am happy with the results.. ♥ ♥

please let me know if you need any other credits for the pic.. this is a lazy posting night.. too sleepy..