restrained in darkness..

I have been lucky enough to try out this brand new bed, the Modern Bondage Bed, by Dictatorshop.  It has so many great animations from cuddles, playing, rough sex and bondage and so much more.. The bed is fully loaded with anims for you and your partner.  I love this bed, and am sure it is going to become a fixture in my home, well until i change it again of course.. ~grins~

Here is information on the bed..

*  Huge selections of Cuddles & Kisses, Massage, Sex and, of course, lots and lots of bondage!
*  Separate Maledom and Femdom menus with tied bondage, hanging, suspended and laid out with chains.  This is an equal opportunity bed and the menus do not require any "swapping" in order to get the poses you want.
*  No poseballs - uses avsitter
*  Carefully organized menus for ease of use.
*  A choice of many huds (sold separately) allowing the user to customize the look of the bed to whatever their decor is. 
*  Free matching copyable night stand (woods & hardware automatically matched with the bed using the a HUD).
*  This bed was made with every attention given to the small details.  The animations are all high quality and carefully positioned to fit most avatars.

It is well worth visiting Dictatorshop to have a look at this wonderful piece of furniture.. would be great for home or even a club.. something for all kinky people to enjoy...

♥ raven xx