a glimpse..

i am restless by nature.. yet love the sense of home.. i need to be comfortable.. have my fave things.. and with the beauty of sl my fave things change regularly.. so many gorgeous things!!!  I love that in sl you can change your house, furniture.. anything you want as wish... and i do so regularly..

so here is my home at the moment.. i am stil in the middle of decorating, its a little sparse at the moment.. but enjoy the different levels and rooms..

this new skybox i LOVE... it is the latest offering by Scarlet Creative, and available now at Collabor88, which has been hard to get into.. another great round!!  If and when you get in to this great shopping event, be sure to check out the demo of the Rakkaus Skybox by Scarlet Creative

i am not going to do full credit of all my things.. but if want to know where something is from .. feel free to send me a message...

♥ raven xx