running in barefeet...

i remember as a child the feeling of running amongst the flowers, through fresh grass without shoes.. nothing to worry about.. just arms out.. laughter filling the air.. and a calmness that comes with such freedom to let go..  i still love to go out barefooted, as much as i love my boots, shoes.. there is something about the earth beneath one's feet...

this weekend i was away with friends, and one of my friends i have an amazing relationship with.. and as i took this pic on sl this afternoon.. it reflected how i felt when i get to spend time as i did the last past couple of days... i am calm.. feeling free.. and i know the 'real' world will come rushing back but i am going to hang on to this feeling for as long as i can.. and i know i will sleep well tonight...

oh and i am very happy how the homestead is coming together.. sooo pretty.. :)

credits & stuff..

clothes/shoes ~ 

!gO! Jasmin - silver

body ~ 
Slink Physique update V2.0
Slink Feet (high) and Hands (Elegant) V2.0
Glam Affair, Jamaica skin and appliers
Truth Hair, Bryn -  reds
Alyce - Sugar Eyes (mesh)
Izzies Makeup (from harlow skin pack)
Tattoo - Vestigium - Not Broke

~ photo taken at  ~serein~

raven xx