talking to myself.. first post!

It has been a long time since I have dedicated myself to a blog.  I used to blog a long time ago when Yahoo 360 existed, for those that don't know, 360 was a blogging platform hosted by yahoo.  I was part of a fun, great community, most of us having met on Literotica chat site.

When 360 closed its doors, myself and a friend, with help, decided to start our own blogging community.  It was a closed community of friends, and friends of friends, etc, we had over 200 members.  I blogged/wrote almost daily.  It was a bdsm/erotic community.  We had writers, kinky peeps, and lot's of fun!

I closed the doors on that site about 2 years ago and have since missed the community feeling of being involved in something like that.

Recently I have really been enjoying flickr, and all it has to offer.  The people, groups, sharing awards, comments and being motivated by amazing second life photographers.

So with the encouragement of my gorgeous sis, star, and one amazing friend, ally... here i am blogging again.  It will be a mix of thoughts, photos, places on sl, fashion or whatever i feel like at the time.

one blog down... many to go..



  1. This all sounds very interesting. Good for you

    1. thank you Yale.. just another way to stretch my creativity... xx


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