sunday's call.. the beach

the first day of autumn, a relaxing sunday with windows and doors open, letting the air's breeze drift through the rooms.. lunch is calling.. fresh rolls with ham.. i love these days of sweet nothings, to do as we please, to be calm, to rest..

the beach has the same effect on me.. it is soothing to the soul.. calming to my thoughts as i breath in the salt of the sea.. i think it is time for me to visit again soon, to feel the sand under my feet, hear the waves, deafening out all other noises.. maybe next weekend, a drive to the coast will be on the agenda..

credits & stuff..

clothes ~

:KR: VidaLeather Skirt - black leather by Kastle Rock Couture
:KR: Dazey Halter Top - gray by Kastle Rock Couture

hair ~ 

~Tableau Vivant~ Hatsuhi (New Year Group gift)

pose ~ by !bang

photo taken at ~


~raven xx