lost in the labyrinth...

i am feeling rather lost lately.. losing myself in my own mind.. trying to find my way through the maze of thoughts.. then talking to my sis about the offerings of today's 50L friday, we likened this dress to one worn by Sarah in one of our favourite movies, Labyrinth... so i decided that it was perfect for my mood tonight.. maybe i should just learn to enjoy the maze for a while as i make my way though this time... after all.. doesn't it lead to a King?

credits & stuff

dress ~ *{Junbug}* Princess Andel in Lavender FLF Special - for 50L Friday
hair ~ TRUTH HAIR Delphine -  reds - for UBER

the maze was from a gacha prize ~ Casita - The Goblin Kings Game, it is mod, so i was able to enlarge it.

~raven xx