Thursday, 16 November 2017

as the sun wakes..

when i saw the offering by Vinyl for Pocket Gacha, i could not resist sharing these amazing cute platform shoes.. yes i know they are not me at all.. but omg.. i love them!!!  this scene was so fun to put together.. had to dive into the cuteness that is Vinyl!!!.. ♥

i’m wearing: 
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya  
Mesh Head – May by LeLutka 
Skin – Ayama by Glam Affair
Shape - mine
Eyes – by LeLutka  (comes with the mesh head) 
Hair –  Cameron by Nutmeg&  Entwined  Available at Shiny Shabby
Dress - Candie by {le fil casse} - Available at Candy Fair
Shoes -   Saturday Sneakers - Maitreya White RARE by Vinyl.  Available for November PocketGacha  
Tattoo by Bolson

N4RS Valkenberg Park Set Available at Fameshed
N4RS Valkenberg Wall Fence Unit - Metal
N4RS Gate Pillar
N4RS Valkenberg Wall Unit - Metal
N4RS Valkenberg Park Bench

Rainy Day Set CHEZ MOI  Available at Sad November

+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua - Puppy Playtime


some more new releases for you.. including this gorgeous dress by Narcisse.. which she has named after yours truly.. it is sensual... currently available at Ultra.. all credits for all the goodies you can see below.. ♥

i’m wearing: 
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya  
Mesh Head – May by LeLutka 
Skin – Ayama by Glam Affair
Shape - mine
Eyes – by LeLutka  (comes with the mesh head) 
Hair – Apple by Truth
Dress - Raven by Narcisse (Available at Ultra) 

[Merak] - TeaHouse available at 6º Republic
[Merak] - Hanging Outdoor Light

Stockholm&Lima:Nawashi Soaking Tub available at Romp

HPMD* MakeMesses!-Dried Flower- yellow*D
HPMD* MakeMesses!-Dried Flower- yellow*g
HPMD* MakeMesses!-Dried Flower- yellow*e

..peaches. Soothing Fountain
.peaches. - Rustic Harvest - Towel Rack
.:revival:. spoon jar
Pewpew Zen Comfy Chair - White Pillows
{what next} House Plant - Rubber Tree
-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Sit)
N4RS Tuscany Soap Dish

pose by gingerfish poses 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

my secret space..

it doesn't matter where you find your comfort.. as long as it's yours.. ♥

i’m wearing: 
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya  
Mesh Head – May by LeLutka 
Skin – Ayama by Glam Affair
Shape - mine
Eyes – by LeLutka  (comes with the mesh head) 
Hair – Janols by Tukinowaguma (Available at Hair O logy)  
Top - Josie by chicmoda  (Available at Sad November) 
Jeans -  DWL by Blueberry 
Shoes - Arianna by REIGN
Tattoo - Carbone by  [White~Widowavailable at Man Cave 

Decor: available at 6º Republic
 zerkalo  ] High Pressure - Industrial Fan (RARE)
[ zerkalo ] Twisted Pipe - PG
[ zerkalo ] High Pressure - Do not lean
[ zerkalo ] High Pressure - Dinner on the move
[ zerkalo ] High Pressure - Soft & tight
[ zerkalo ] High Pressure - Fresh gasoline
[ zerkalo ] High Pressure - Safe line

other items used:
Just Animals Lab Puppy Lying - Mesh - Full Perm
Just Animals Snow White Cat - Sitting
[ zerkalo ] Picnic at the Neva River - Tray with Food

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

cherry trees..

more amazing creations from 6 Republic..

Decor: all available at 6º Republic
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Stall RARE
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Counter ULTRARARE
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Bench
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Wood Bench
..::THOR::.. Raising Sun Service Table
..::THOR::.. Miso Soup
..::THOR::.. Salmon Sashimi
..::THOR::.. Sake Set
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Wall Post - Lamp
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Wall Post
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Wall (L)
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Noren Banner with Poles
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Stone Lamp
..::THOR::.. Stack of Cups

BJK - Tokyo Gacha - Cushions table shell
BJK - Tokyo Gacha - Tray

[anhelo--ANHELO-G03-09-17AGA :: disposable chops B

Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Noodles COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Rice Cooker COMMON

unKindess uK - Tokyo Grill Screen Divider

Cherry trees from Forest Floor

Sunday, 12 November 2017

eating in...

a decor pic i had fun putting together last night.. includes items from Rewind, 6 Republic, Decocrate, and a few other items i had in my inventory... check below ♥


:Cheeky Pea:CP: Anita Living Room Set - Available at Rewind 
:CP: Anita Corner Sofa (Adult)
:CP: Anita Art 3
:CP: Anita Art 4
:CP: Anita Potted Plant
:CP: Anita Bookpile
:CP: Anita Side Table
:CP: Anita Radio Sign
:CP: Anita Radio

available at 6º Republic
7 - Integrated Amplifier A-93
7 - Speaker 201A - right channel
7 - Speaker 201A - left channel
7 - Stereo Cassette Deck A-180
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Tablet RARE
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Noodles COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Fortune COMMON
Maven Homes Marin Sideboard
MudHoney Briley Round Rug

Serenity Style-- Jojo Cozy Armchair -  November Deco(c)rate 
Serenity Style- Jojo Cozy Book & Mug
Serenity Style- Jojo Cozy Slippers
Serenity Style- Jojo Cozy Blankets Basket

Kuro [Wooden toys II] - Birdie -  Available at the Playroom
Kuro [Wooden toys II] - Elephant
Kuro [Wooden toys II] - Mr Robot RARE

Other items:
 zerkalo  ] Antique Memories - Moments Pillow
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Dream Pillow
[ zerkalo ] Dark Elegance - Crow Skull Pillow
:CP: Scattered Wine
unKindess uK - La Luna Candle Crisp Day
Jian Love Pugs 5. Sleepy Family
Just Animals French Bulldog Sitting - Mesh - Full Perm
Apple Fall  Plan Chest

Saturday, 11 November 2017

country road trip..

it is that time again.. a new round of 4Mesh starts tonight on SLT.. Midnight is the time to get your shop on... and as always i am so excited to share a sneak peak before the event starts.. all details below.. ♥

i’m wearing: 
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya  
Mesh Head – May by LeLutka 
Skin – Ayama by Glam Affair
Shape - mine
Eyes – by LeLutka  (comes with the mesh head) 
Hair – Yeemi by pr!tty 
Top - Flow by *LX* Available at midnight at 4Mesh
Skirt - Lala by !Rebel Hope Available at midnight at 4Mesh
Boots Blair by REIGN - Available at N21
Rings - Laura Bento Rings by Slipper - Available at midnight at 4Mesh
Tattoo by Prodigy Ink

Hard Driven by Michigans Shack - Available at midnight at 4Mesh
13. DRD SC Gas Station 


just a little portrait post.. ♥

i’m wearing: 
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya  
Mesh Head – May by LeLutka 
Skin – Ayama by Glam Affair
Shape - mine
Eyes – by LeLutka  (comes with the mesh head) 
Hair – Selena by *~*Damselfly*~*  (Available at Hair O logy)  
Necklace - Trinket by Cae (Available at Cosmopolitan)
Collar - The Delicate Collar by Stockholm&Lima - Available at Kinky Event
Tattoo by Bolson

into the quiet..

sooo many events.. so little time... i just love this little vintage cardi by Narcisse, available right now at Rewind!... the decor, old and new check it all out below.. ♥

i’m wearing: 
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya  
Mesh Head – May by LeLutka 
Skin – by Glam Affair
Shape - mine
Eyes – by LeLutka  (comes with the mesh head) 
Hair – Lois by [KoKoLoReS] (Available at Hair O logy)  
Top -  Adalynne Cardigan  by Narcisse (Available at Rewind 
Capris  Jen Capris by *JustBecause*  

[Merak] - Jam Season Available at Shiny Shabby
[Merak] - Jam Crate
[Merak] - Crate with Cloth
[Merak] - Autumn Flower Bucket
02 - 8f8 - Green Grocers - Delivery Truck RARE

Available at 6º Republic
Serenity Style - Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Couple
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Naughty RARE
7 - Transistor Radio TR-2A

Friday, 10 November 2017

challenge in miniatures..

Sooo.... Jay & Kianna of 6º Republic challenged their bloggers to do a post with at least one item per blogger pack, with much editing, resizing, pulling hair out.. i think i did it.. and i am quite happy with the result.. all credits below.. ♥

Decor: all available at 6º Republic
KraftWork Le Plateau Loft
MudHoney Briley Sisal Rug
Toro. Broken Coffee Table
C L A Vv. Hotpot Party - Sake Set
CMYK// 6. Here come the regrets
MINIMAL - Tokyo Store #NO-Signs Version
MudHoney Briley Sofa Adult - Gold
kosmii :: Japanese Apothecary Cabinet
elev8~Floating Lantern
Maven Marin Bowls and Vase
[Kres] Red Fife Ranch - WindMill - 9
+ILO+ Chapel Chair
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Standing Grey
BALACLAVA!! Canada Eh? Marquee(large)
NOMAD // Speed Bag
[ keke ] this is it neon sign . red
{iD} DetectivE OfficE (TOKYO) [ A*Resize ]
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Wood Bench
7 - Transistor Radio TR-2A
[Schultz Bros.] Canoe Storage
kosmii :: Ginza Street Sign
~isil~ *Muskoka* Log Cabin (Autumn)
Ariskea[Canada] Rustic Cabin
GOOSE - Caledon Barn
BJK - Tokyo Gacha - Phone booth
Kei's Tokyo Townhouse
*bbqq*-In Autumn
[Merak] - TeaHouse
{BE} :Buildings of the Meiji Period
CONVAIR Koban Tokyo
booN-kura simple house MARI for "assembly A & B"
//Naberius// Midnight Alley
Knucklehead Digger v10000-LOW-LI
BIGBULLY Hayashi Loft
Soy. Apartment [Jyoukyo-House] option - blanket
SAYO - Prefecture Passport Sign - Osaka
uK - Tokyo Grill Resturant Sign
[ zerkalo ] High Pressure - Industrial Fan (RARE)
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Lockers COMMON
taikou / baseball bat rack
CONSTRUCT - Cuddle Blanket folded Display only - 4 li

outside window:
snow scene from hive // snowed in skybox . scenic
RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Tokyo Subway RARE (don't wear)

be epic..

.... ♥

i’m wearing: 
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya  
Mesh Head – May by LeLutka 
Skin – by Glam Affair
Shape - mine
Eyes – by LeLutka  (comes with the mesh head) 
Hair –  Autumn Breeze by Exile:
Shirt -   Harper by Vinyl.  Available at Uber  
Jeans Blake Skinny Cuff Jeans by Vinyl.
Shoes  REIGN.- Katy Heels (Available at Collabor88)

Kuro - at The Liaison Collaborative
Kuro - Inspiration desk *black*
Kuro - Dressed metal chair *yellow*
Kuro - Butterflies wall art
Kuro - Stack of metalic boxes
Kuro - Pencils kettle
Kuro - Planter 2
Kuro - Planter
Kuro - Vase of gerberas
Kuro - Stack of books
Kuro- Coppered lamp

unKindess  - uk - Simply Said Gacha at Gacha Garden 
uK - Simply Said Be Humble
uK - Simply Said Epic Shit

Jian Playful Pibbles 17. Study Pupper
Soy. My Laptop (no code type)
junk. splatter rug.